Little inspirer!!


The surge of hormones that get you going!!

We plan to make an ice lolly together. I see her eyes sparkle and soon we are deciding on the ingredients to add into it. A new idea pops up and she is so excited and ready as ever to try it out.

We plan to take a short walk down the lane and visit her friend on our way back.She is all set to go immediately.There is no dilemma or voices screaming out in the head asking ,”should I?”

Her toy is struck somewhere high upon the window grill. She brings her tent house stick and knocks it down. There is no complaint, no mourning. There is always a solution to all the obstacles.

There is a plan to travel out of station.She has chosen the toy that would go with her. The sun, rain or the storm does not seem to bother her. She seems to have a way out for everything in her small, innocent world.

Negativity grips me when I want to start something afresh or want to venture into something that I have never done before. ” What if …”, “Would I be able to…” crowds my already hesitant thoughts and trap ideas within myself. It is often easier to quit than to execute. It is often easier to forget, that you had a plan which you could chose and follow rather than painstakingly take efforts to standby.

However, today I take this great lesson from my toddler. No idea is too small to follow. Give the best in whatever you do and do not be satisfied until you have got what you anticipated in the beginning. If you cannot break it, atleast try to bend it. If it is out of your reach, bring something that you can stand upon. Things are lying all around, if only we could open our eyes and see it!!

So, the next time I feel doubt gripping me, all I would do is to have little conversation with the greatest enthusiast I know….my little one!!

The secret love letters!!!

Dearest sweetheart,

I am writing this, to let you know that I miss you so badly these days.We get to meet for only for a few minutes and suddenly you run away without uttering a word!

Sweet memories of long hours that we have spent together is all that I have to console my bruised heart. I am aching from inside and can take it no more. What has happened between us? Please don’t do this to me. Keep me posted.

Waiting to meet you!!

Yours loving,
Upper eyelid

Reply from the sweetheart:

Dearest love,

Thanks for your letter. I miss you more than you miss me and wish we could meet for a longer time.Apologies for my absence and quick get aways. I should have kept you updated.

‘Eye’ informed me that she needs to be on call for longer hours. You know very well that if she needs to be active, we need to sacrifice our time together. But looks like it is all worth it.

Something has happened recently. Even though ‘eye’ accepts that she is tired most of the time, ‘tears of joy’ seem to visit her often, which definitely is a good sign. She says that these days her duty has become rather simple. Most of the time she is focussed to see only one little pink cuddly new comer, who seems to have all the power and the sole reason behind these changes!!

Will keep you posted if I get any more updates.

PS: I overheard that for a few months from now, the sleep festival would not take place as often as it used to be! We won’t be able to see each other much.But please do know that I love you and distance only enhances it.

Lots of hugs!!

With love,
Lower eyelid

By the way, the ‘eye’ belongs to a sleep deprived new mom, who wouldn’t change the way it is, for anything!!

It’s a small world after all..

Yesterday while you were at the atm queue, you cribbed because the old man at the machine was very slow and you were running late. Would you have been more patient if I told you, that he is the same man who helped you find your mom again when you got lost in the park, twenty years ago?

You were at the hospital last weekend, with a bad flu. As usual while you were terrified of that injection, eyes closed and fist clenched, would you have relaxed a bit if I told you that the nurse is the little girl whom you rescued from the chasing dogs when she was ten?

Last month while you were traveling by the metro, a fellow passenger coughed and you did offer a bottle of water. Would you believe me that this passenger is the same person with whom you competed in the 400m race, way back in high school ? If you had known wouldn’t you have taken second look or a selfie perhaps!!

I am definite that you remember last tuesday, when you were stuck in the traffic and suddenly had a flat tyre !! The kind young man who gave you a lift is the son of the security guard at your office.

Now you could not have easily forgotten the nasty mosquito that made jump up and break your favourite cutlery, with its unscrupulous bite. You killed her grandmother earlier that day, by smashing her against the wall and she witnessed your satisfied wicked smile.

Was that out of track by a huge boundry? Well, I guess so. However, you just got my point!!

By the way, I do not intent to touch upon karma here. All I want to say is that, whatever we do each day is deeply and complicatedly interconnected somewhere down there. Being compassionate and emphatic each day, to the best of our abilities, pleasantly backfires.

Well, what about this one!

What if I told you – the sales girl who just answered your question at the supermarket, will be the one to save your life, a decade from now?

Say that, God ( God – because thankfully he is the only one with the data, right now) read this post, got impressed with the idea of making a smartphone app which would detaily connect each of our day/people to other days we would meet again and gifts the app to mankind!? (Haunting!!)

That is definitely a very arrogant thought of mine…

But, I am sure for now you agree: Ignorance is bliss, as always – but never an excuse!

Don’t just look – See
Smile – A little more..
Love – A little more..
Live – A little more..

The Pink Beauties !

Pic courtesy: Ajitha Surendran

This was photographed by my sister. Right from childhood, flowers blooming in our garden was one thing that always sent us into a frenzy of joy. Like a gift from the Divine.

Since I am away from home, she sent me this shot. While I was savouring the beauty of the hues in the picture, there is something that caught my attention.

As a pleasant surprise, she has unknowingly captured the life stages, in itself!

While greenery gives a beautiful background to the entire act, the earthy brown seems to fuel it up.

Even though withered and nearly wilted, the rustic hued remains of the flower – demands my respect. A life fully lived, seasoned and tempered by the various faces of nature. The scorching sun, thudding rains, scary storms, lovely breezes – she might have seen them all. Moments of glory when she managed to turn every head in admiration to the everlasting pain of being forgotten – she might have endured them all. Gracefully, she is now surrendering, waiting till her last petal falls, rotten and richens the soil. She will give back, all that she has received.

The enriched soil has helped a fresh bud blossom. Tiny green leaves wrap and caress the tender sweetheart, like a mother lovingly holding her new born, making sure that her first step into the world is gentle.Why! She even has the deepest pink among them all, awaiting to plunge into the heart of the spectator. The gentle breeze just kissed and wished her welcome!! She will break records, set new levels and never fail to amaze.

The breeze then fondly brushed past the beauty who stands the tallest among them all. Dashing with dreams and passion, a graceful sway is her loving response – bending without breaking. She is learning the trade well, progressively. Her path and direction seem to be different. She has chosen to discover the unknown. She will conquer!

Finally, for the protagonist. Standing confidently with all the glory, the big ravishing pink beauty stuns. Errors turned into experiences and the latter into wisdom, during her era. She has proved that being successful does not mean – winning every game you have played but rather climbing a step higher with each failed one. For the courage she displays, her petals appear to be her shield. The enticing little rain droplets, reminds us to always remember the ‘small things’ in life, which actually matter the most!! A life spent wisely, with no regrets. She is complete!

The pink beauties – which one of them is you?

Love – With a capital ‘L’

I still vividly remember the day we met. You barely knew that I was there. I would not blame you. After all, it was a very busy day, with all those people around.

I yearned for your presence all day long. My brain seemed to utilize
all its cells, to hold your images. That charismatic smile always held my eyes captive. The way you arched one of your eyebrows when I asked you a question, sent me swirling down the eye of a tornado. What was happening to the mature me?

Apart from the melodies in my heart and the dragonflies in my stomach, all seemed to be ordinary on the outside, until that blessed day. The room was crowded and I was rushing to and forth to finish up a chore. From the corner I suddenly felt the urge to turn and look at you. My inner instinct was right, you rummaged for me and I recognised the bliss on your face, when our eyes met.That will remain one of the happiest moments of my life – the moment overflowing with the ecstacy of requited love…

We spoke for hours everyday. Actually, you loved to listen to me. I was overjoyed, however I still wished you would say something more.

I was hungry, but could not eat. I was sleepy, but could not sleep. My friends had started noticing, they say it shows. You definitely turned my world upside down.

Drenching in your love was the only blessing that I prayed for. Yes, I said ‘drench’, didn’t I? Why do I feel cold? Ho, ho – you have a wet diaper. Let me change it and rock you to sleep.

Don’t cry dear sweetheart!

I will be there for you…… Always!